Latest Fitness Trends 2016 From Industry Insider

Throughout the decades, we see the evolution of fashion industry. Just for the sake of comparison, we have the 80’s hippies to recent fashion – we can see the obvious difference between the foregoing decades, right?

That’s for the fashion industry. What we really going to focus on this article is about fitness industry trends. Yes, just like in fashion, fitness has also its share of evolution and trends through the decades.

7 Refreshing Drinks That Beats Your Soda Habit

These refreshing summer drinks are one of the easiest ways to nourish the body that provides a variety of essential vitamins and minerals which are necessary for complete nutrition.

It keeps your body hydrated for the day, something soda and coffee won’t do.

The New Breed of High Performance Wool Clothing

  For countless decades, outdoor adventurers have layered up in wool for its heat-trapping, water-repelling, perspiration-wicking and stink-fighting properties. A revitalization of the complete national wool supply chain–from textile mills to wash operations to proficient cut-and-sew factory workers–has empowered firms to test and push the materials to new degrees. Some ranchers have teamed up with […]

Attain Beach Body by Mastering these Moves

Are you really spending time in lake, pool, or the beach this summer? Becoming lively as the temperatures rise? By working the big and little muscle groups in your body, these shore body moves lift, tighten, and sculpt all over. That leaves you with the best beach body, quickly! These moves can be completed by […]

Travel In Kenya With Ease And Convenience

What you need to know in case you are planning to travel in Kenya. In the last few years, the growth of inexpensive safaris has resulted in an inflow of visitors, and along with the ever-growing amount of affordable flights to the capital, Nairobi, it’s now possible to see Kenya’s famed wildlife reserves on a […]